VIP Package: Exclusive Shooting Experience at ShootinginCrete

What's Included:

  • Exclusive access to our VIP shooting range, ensuring privacy and personalized attention
  • In-depth briefing on firearm safety, range etiquette, shooting techniques, and advanced tactics
  • Expert one-on-one instruction from our certified and experienced instructors
  • Shooting session with a curated selection of premium firearms, including rare and specialty options
  • Shooting session with the following:
    • Pistol .22mm
    • Pistol 9mm
    • Pistol 45 or 40 mm.
    • Revolver 38mm.
    • Revolver 44mm.
    • Riffle Bold Action 223 or 308
    • Shotgun
  • Use of all necessary safety equipment (hearing protection, safety glasses)
  • Personalized guidance and support throughout the shooting session, focusing on advanced techniques and precision shooting
  • Commemorative souvenir to remember your VIP shooting adventure


300€ per person 


Approximately 1.5 hours

Indulge in a truly extraordinary shooting experience with our VIP Package, where exclusivity and luxury meet the thrilling world of shooting sports. Immerse yourself in a premium adventure, surrounded by the stunning landscape of Crete, and enjoy unparalleled service and attention. 

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Please note that prices and details may be subject to change.

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