Ammo Add-On Package

Introducing our "Ammo Add-On Package".

Enhance your shooting experience with these extra ammunition options to further customize your session:

  • .22LR Ammo: Add 10 rounds of .22LR for only 10€, perfect for precision shooting and honing your accuracy.
  • 9mm Ammo: Take your skills to the next level with an additional 10 rounds of 9mm for 15€, delivering power and control.
  • .45ACP Ammo: Experience the punch of .45ACP with 10 rounds for 20€, ideal for those seeking a robust and impactful shooting session.
  • .357MAG Ammo: Feel the thrill of shooting .357MAG rounds with 6 rounds for 20€, offering a potent and exhilarating experience.
  • .44MAG (Cowboy Rev) Ammo: Channel your inner cowboy with 6 rounds of .44MAG for 20€, capturing the essence of the Wild West.
  • .40 Ammo: Add 10 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition for 20€, providing a balanced and versatile shooting option.
  • .308WIN Ammo: Immerse yourself in the precision of long-range shooting with 1 round of .308WIN for 5€, delivering accuracy and power.
  • 8x57 (Kar98) Ammo: Experience the historical significance of the 8x57 ammunition with 1 round for 5€, reminiscent of classic rifle shooting.
  • Shotgun Slugs: Expand your shooting repertoire with 8 shotgun slugs for 20€, delivering a hard-hitting impact and intensity.
  • Shotgun 12 Gauge Shells: Enjoy the thrill of shotgun shooting with 8 rounds of 12-gauge shells for 20€, providing versatility and excitement.

These additional ammunition options can be added to any of our existing packages, allowing you to tailor your shooting experience to your preferences. 

Please note that availability may vary and advanced booking is recommended.

Elevate your shooting adventure with our Ammo Add-On Package and create unforgettable moments at ShootinginCrete.